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LegalNextt Magazine

March 10,2019

In an Era of Digital transformation; LegalNextt is one of our flagship initiatives to digitally transform the Legal landscape. Our goal is to provide an apt forum for communication and a common platform for exchanging ideas, skills, solutions and issues amongst legal community at a broader level. We are a team of passionate professionals working towards the easy and smooth functioning of the Legal world at Nextt level. Our mission is to create a manifest for an effortless communication and collaboration, for all the stakeholders in the Legal Domain.

The existing way of conventional working style of Lawyers and Law Firms leads to loss of man-hours, productivity and focus. Keeping this in consideration we are coming up with an office automation software for Lawyers and Law Firms that will not only help in making their work organized and systematic but will also increase the work efficiency.

We are introducing a PROCIAL network where a PROfessional and soCIAL forum is created specifically for all the Legal Domain which will be a similar platform as Facebook and Linkedin.

One of our grail is to create a Parliament of Lawyers for the Legal profession on a common ground for the common cause of strengthening Indian Judiciary and to inculcate a national vision. Promote national and regional understanding, inter-cultural dialogue and diversity of ideas and practices. Raise their awareness, intellect and sensitivity to social & political issues, encourage and motivate Law students to embrace public life in service to the nation. Provide a forum in which young people can express their own opinions, interact with eminent personalities from different spectrums of life, take pledge to uphold democratic values, pass resolutions for social good and present it before the government bodies for consideration and action.

Amidst the landscape we plan to have a chapter wise colloquium where eminent Judges will be involved to actively execute Legal solutions. And not just that; we also plan to have a Legal Team who will be available to discuss on necessary topics and issues and a Legal Aid which will be one of the Alternative solutions and mechanisms for dispute resolution, it will be a forum where cases pending from the court of law are settled.

Legal aid is essential to equal access to justice for common people. Especially for citizens who are insufficient and cannot afford financial aid, the provision of legal aid to clients by governments will increase the likelihood, within court proceedings, of being assisted by legal professionals for free (or at a lower cost) or of receiving financial help.

Not just for Lawyers and Law firms but we plan to render services to the Law students as well, where the students will get an up skilling of all the available certification courses, programs and universities. They will also get an insights of all topics in accordance with Law.

A monthly magazine edition and a Legal T.V. channel is our next step to link with the masses. The two channels will provide content that is entirely covered by the significant legal news from around the world.