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Importance of Public Legal Education

February 28,2019    by Mandar Lande

Education plays a very vital role in forming the basis for creating awareness and contributes to the welfare of the individuals.

Public legal education is the means to provide people with the general awareness, knowledge and an overall incite about the law and the legal system and various other associations. This gives chance to the society to understand what the law is; and, to raise voice in favour of or against the system which they believe is not well equipped at delivering the duties conferred upon it by the state.

Public Legal Education can be imparted through workshops in school, colleges, office, and, through social media by giving insights of the social political issues, through street plays and public events or at events of public speaking and debate.

This helps individuals to develop interest into social and political problems and for voluntarily and actively taking the social responsibility to find solutions pertaining to them.

Legal education imparts skills to people to research and debate and form an analysis of the present times; and, also, to change according to it.

The Government and other legal bodies should continue serving appropriate measures for enforcing the regulations relating to public legal education and also should provide it for free so that more individuals in the society are able to access to the benefits the system provides for.