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Pune to Host 300 Top Lawyers to Discuss Challenges
Facing the Indian Judiciary

May 19,2019

The LegaNet Forum organized by LegalNextt concluded on the 19th May at The Hyatt, Pune with attendance from 300 top lawyers and legal experts. The Forum brings together Top Lawyers to discuss and deliberate on the challenges and opportunities that the Indian Judiciary is faced with.
With 3000 Courts, 25+ Lakh Lawyers and 3.75 Lakh Law Students Graduating every year the Indian Legal Arena is vast and diverse but the numbers seem to wane and seem relatively inadequate when considered against the 3.3cr Pending Cases and a system that is largely paper based and noticeably untouched by Digitalization. With efforts like the e-courts initiative on to improve and enhance the legal arena change is being ushered in, albeit at a painfully slow pace considering the scale of the Judiciary and the legal landscape. With that thought in mind The Forum would host a Panel Discussion on the theme of “Paradigm shifts in the Legal Landscape in the Age of Social Media and Digital Transformation.
The Forum will host eminent lawyer, Human Rights Analyst & Environmental Law expert Advocate Asim Sarode as its Chief Guest and Panellist. The other panellist include Adv. Rajas Pingle, Cyber Security and Cyber Law Expert, Adjunct Professor- Cyber Law SP Jain Sydney, Singapore, Dubai, Mumbai ; Smt. Puneet Kapur, Head-Legal, Secretarial, Compliance, Covestro (Formerly Bayer Material Sciences); Shri Sukand Ravindra Kulkarni- Advocate Bombay High Court; Shri Atul Juvle- Chief Legal Counsel Schindler India The Forum will also see The Launch of LegalNextt, a transformative ecosystem developed to usher in Digital Transformation in the Indian Judicial Engine, in a holistic way. From training and upskilling lawyers passing out from law schools, to forming regional and local society chapters for lawyers and bringing in next generation technology to augment processes and practices; LegalNextt has created an entire ecosystem to drastically increase the pace at which change is embraced. Though an uphill task with a sector resistant to change, LegalNextt is developed as a platform with varied nationwide initiatives like LegaNet which is the first and largest “ProCial Network” exclusively made for stakeholders of the Indian Justice system. It is a version of a professional network which marries together features from Facebook and Linkedin to create a platform for the legal fraternity to collaborate, network and share ideas and insights on.
Speaking about LegalNextt Aniruddha Kotgire, Co-Founder and Managing Director, LegalNextt opines, “Though digitalization has touched lives in India digitization has started touching every aspect of our lives from performing robotic heart surgeries to ordering food online. From trading millions of Rupees at the stock exchange with a click to getting a bai or maid with a click; it is really puzzling to see the Legal Landscape in India relatively untouched by technology I think it is high time that debate and discussion started about how to holistically transform legal services in India”
Echoing his CoFounder’s thoughts, Mandar Lande, CEO, LegalNextt, says “The judiciary is one of the three lynchpins of a democracy, the other two being the legislature and the executive. All three work in concert to ensure that the democratic system works efficiently. However, the executive and the legislature need checks on their power or a democracy runs the risk of turning into an autocratic system. This is where the judiciary comes in to play a vital role of maintaining the sanctity and integrity of Democracy as a whole. If the third pillar of democracy is empowered and armed with technology it could usher in a new age of unprecedented effectiveness and efficiencies of scale”
The Forum is one, in the series of mult-icity panel discussions we will be hosting throughout the year across the country and planned events in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkatta and Ahmadabad and trainings and workshops for lawyers all over Maharashtra.